Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Prep Notes


120g unsweetened dessicated coconut
50g ground almonds
60ml maple syrup (or other natural sweetener of choice e.g agave)
55g coconut oil melted
1tsp vanilla extract
60g dark chocolate melted


1. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees and line a baking traywith baking parchment

2. Put the coconut and ground almonds into a bowl and mixtogether.

3. Add in the maple syrup, melted coconut oil and vanillaextract

4. Still the ingredients well together until they are allthe coconut is covered

5. Using your hands, create tight little, compact balls(golf ball size) and put them on the prepared baking tray

6. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes, then remove and turn thetray around. Bake for a further 10 minutes

7. Allow to cool on the tray for 10 minutes beforetransferring to a wire rack to cool

8. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl setover a pan of boiling water.

9. Get dipping!-dip the coconut balls in the meltedchocolate mixture and allow to harden or eat while gooey!

Great little healthy treat to have and super easy to make!