About your consultation

Upon booking your appointment, a welcome pack will be sent to you via email, this includes a comprehensive questionnaire and a 5-day diet diary.

You need to complete these forms and send them to me via email at least 24 hours before our consultation.

If the appointment was booked at the last minute, you must bring them with you completed to your appointment. Remember to fill in as much as you can about your health history as that information will give us more ground to work on.

Initial consultation

Your initial appointment will last between 60 to 90 minutes. During this time we will go through detailed questions about your current health concerns, symptoms, medical and family history, lifestyle, use of medication, supplements and diet.

This information will be used to look into the possible causes of your ailments and also to devise your individualized wellness goals. This plan will be based around food, lifestyle and supplementation if we feel that this is necessary at this time.

You will receive a copy of our goals the next 48 hours later via email. This will come together with any support you need including menu planning and recipes.  You will then have a record of all of our work that becomes a working plan.

If we agree on any functional testing, these will be arranged during our consultation.

Follow-up consultations

Follow up appointments are usually scheduled after four weeks after the initial consultation in order to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Whilst many patients only require two or three consultations, further follow-ups may be required depending on an individual’s situation.

Follow up appointments usually last 45 minutes.

Coaching Programs

We currently have two Coaching Programs:

The Wellness Program (which includes an initial consultation and 5 coaching sessions to fully support you into living the life you want) & the Inspired Program (a shorter version of an initial consultation & 3 coaching sessions that will jump start your journey into health). 

My clients generally prefer these programs as they are a way to dig deep into the roots of their nutritional needs and their relationship to food. They love the space we create at the consultation to create the life they want in a slow pace that will have a long term impact in their life.

Skype/telephone consultations

Consultation can be made via Skype at our account sullivan.nutrition or by telephone.
All appointments are subject to a 24hr cancellation policy.

Consultation in Spanish

Do you feel more comfortable working in your native language? Great news! At Sullivan Nutrition we also provide your nutritional service in Spanish. Contact us to say Hola! 


  • Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes): £80 
  • Follow up consultation (45 minutes): £50

As a Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  


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